• What is COB?

    COB (Chips on Board) , is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When it light up, it looks like a lighting panel.

  • Why COB?

    LED(light emitting diode) is new technology with advantage of saving energy and very long lifespan. But all LED lightsource can not be faultless especially SMD, HP, flux LED etc. Compare to traditional lighting such as fluorescent lamp, as it is super bright in a small size, it cause uncomfortable glare. In case of no diffused optical lens used, such LEDs usually cause glare and zebra strips . But when optical lens or cover used, it will cause light loss when LED beam pass through this lens or cover.

  • How COB LED Light source works?

    COB LED is multi chips packaged, it can 10 times more increase lighting area, so it avoid uncomfortable glare by the maximum extent. Lightspot use small size of chips to make COB LED package. By now, for small size chip, ?some famous LED chip manufacturer can reach 249lm/watt @ 20mA. But big size LED chip can only reach 161lm/watt @350mA. The light efficacy decrease when chip size is bigger. Also when LED driver increase current to LED, the light efficacy per watt is even low.
  • What Is Raw Device Mapping (RDM)?

    RDM stands for Remote Device Management. This is the colloquial name for the ANSI E1.20 standard managed by the PLASA organisation. RDM allows bidirectional communication over the DMX512 cable. This occurs on the twisted pair connected to pins 2 and 3. This same pair of wires is used to transmit data from the console to the dimmers or moving lamps. RDM requires intelligent DMX splitters that can monitor the data for a command to reverse the direction of the cable.
  • Extend the life of a rechargeable lithium battery

    1, Please make sure the first charging time is 12 hours before using it . 2.Please fully charge the battery light on each 3 months. 3.Please don not use the battery light on full power mode (all leds at full power ) while it is being charged, as the light will get extremely hot .
  • How to clean and maintain the lamps

    1. To reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. 2. Do not spill water or other liquids into or on to your unit. 3. During long periods of non‐use, disconnect the unit’s main power. 4. It should be installed in a well‐ventilated place, at a distance of 50 centimeters or more with the walls. At the same time, please check if the fan and ventilation holes are unobstructed.